Dart tournament

Saturday, 14. October 2017 - 18:00 to 23:00
Try one of the fastest growing sports!
Compair you with your fellow students in the DC professional club
Flatlinsers Karlsruhe.

Darts and consumables are provided on site.
In addition, there is a brief introduction to guidlines and tekkers for all newcomers.

Meeting point:
5 pm under the Nusselt HS or no later than 17:45 hrs
Club House DC Flatliners Karlsruhe (Hardtstraße 37, 76185 Kalsruhe).
KVV-Ticket is to recommend (near Entenfang).
You can sign up for this event outside the student union office (building 10.23 61st floor) from Wednesday, October 4th, 12.oo pm.