The orientation program 2018 takes place from October 1st till 16th

We are the student union for chemical and mechanical engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and we're responsible for the organization of the orientation programme (O-Phase) for the students of mechanical engineering (MACH), chemical and process engineering (CIW), bioengineering (BIW), material science (MATWERK), and mechatronics (MIT).
During the orientation program, you will get a short overview about studying at the KIT and of course you will get to meet a lot of fellow students. That's why we strongly recommend attending the orientation program as some of your mates could possibly be friends of yours later! (Surely we will also provide a huge amount of fun events.)
You will find the latest news during the course of the orientation programme here on this website!

Registration: A general registration for the Orientation Programme is not necessary.  During the first preliminary course tutorial, you will get your pass. If you can´t attend the first tutorial just come by our office (Building 10.23 1st floor) to get your pass. However, a registration will be necessary for some events, you get relevant information during the preliminary course announcements or in the event descriptionts that are accessilbe through the calendar.