Your Hosts

Welcome to the “Fachschaft Maschinenbau/Chemieingenieurwesen“. We host the orientation weeks for Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Materials Science and Mechatronics courses. During these two weeks we will give you an overview of everything you need to know in order to succeed in studying at KIT. We warmly recommend joining the orientation weeks as we always have lots of fun. Use the opportunity to get to know your fellow students – you might become friends. 
During the orientation week you will find current information about every event on this webpage. Not all information is translated into English. If you have questions, just visit us in our office in building 10.23 on the 1st floor.

The O-phase takes place from October 02th, 2017 to October 17th, 2017

You don’t have to sign up for the O-phase: Simply join us on 2th of October for the first event - an Introductory Lecture - at 13:00 am, where you will learn everything you need to know about the orientation weeks. Information about upcoming events will be given at the beginning of each math course and on this website. The closest events are listed on the right side of the home page, so you can’t miss anything. For excursions such as the brewery tour, Alsace trip or guided tours of the institutes you must sign up – you will find more detailed information in the description of our events. If a registration is necessary, you can enlist at the “Fachschaft”.

The first days

Classes officially begin on October 16st, but for new students there are the orientation weeks beforehand. The activities of the orientation weeks will not interfere with the math preparatory courses. The math preparatory course is offered by the department of mathematics, which is providing the math lectures as well. For information concerning the course please visit the institute’s website.
The orientation weeks are not purely academical. Instead, we arranged a great program to welcome you at KIT and look forward to seeing you. You can find us in building 10.23 on the 1st floor in room 106/107.
For any questions just visit us or contact us via mail:
During the lecture period our office hours are from 1 to 2 pm on weekdays.

What else does the “Fachschaft” do?

  • Organizing, assembling, printing and distribution of useful written work (e.g. lecture notes, exam collections, etc.)

  • Participation in committees, such as faculty, appointments committees, audit committees, and many more

  • Support and advice for all students needing help

  • Organization of various parties (winter parties, barbecue, etc.)

  • Political work to represent the interests of students

Details can be found here: Fachschaftsarbeit (We apologize for the fact that this information only is available in German)

If you still don’t know who we are or you feel like joining us, just come around and get to know us! You are invited for coffee and a good conversation!
Our offices are located in building 10.23. We meet every Wednesday at 19.00 pm to discuss issues and to plan events. Anyway, we wish you all the best and we look forward to seeing you!