Friday, 6. October 2017 - 16:00 to 21:00
Come play some Lasertag with us as Barney Stinson did in his best days!
The "Lasertag Arena" opens exclusively for us on that day.
You can register at our office (bldg. 10.23, 1st floor) from Wednesday, October 3th.
The fee of 6€ has to be paid directly at the registration. You can register for multiple games, too.
You can selesct a time slot at the registration. 1 games takes 15 minutes. Please arrive at least 30mins earlier to have enough time for the introduction.
How to get there?
You have to get to the arena on your own. Please plan enought time.
Take the tram S2 till "Hagsfeld Bahnhof". Then you have to walk 15mins. 
Or take the bike.
You can find the adress on their website.