Preliminary courses

You just got your letter from the KIT saying that you’re in? You’re wondering what the different preliminary courses are, whom they apply to and what that means for you? Then read on!
Preliminary course in Mathematics offered by the faculty for Mathematics
The preliminary course run by the faculty for Mathematics takes place during the orientation phase. Depending on where you come from you may have covered slightly different topics in high school and this course is meant to even out these differences. Nonetheless everything you need will be covered during the actual lectures!
We highly recommend joining this course! Even if there is no knowledge about math to be gained for you, you will get to know the university, your fellow students, the campus and surrounding city and of course – your students council!
Mint courses (Stem courses)
The preliminary courses offered by the MINT Kolleg (which would be called STEM college if this was an English speaking country!) are listed here, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an English version of that site available at this point. They offer courses regarding Mathematics, Information technology, Sciences and Technical subjects. Depending on your major, different courses would apply to you, for example Mathematics, Information technology, Chemistry and Physics for mechanical engineering or Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for chemical/process engineering.
The preliminary courses offered by the MINT Kolleg are meant for anyone who feels insecure about their residual knowledge from school, or who has been out of school for a while and feels insecure because of that. They do not contain any mandatory material. Everything you need for your studies will be dealt with during the lectures. Enjoy your free time before the orientation phase starts and join us for the preliminary course in mathematics offered by the faculty for mathematics – and the orientation phase of course!