Leisure Time

During your studies you will also have some leisure time on your hands as well. To get you prepared for that, we’d like to introduce some things you can do in and around Karlsruhe to spend your free time.




It obviously depends if you are into classic, rock or modern music.
For classical concerts the go to place would be the “Badisches Staatstheater”. Additionally there are concerts in other venues and churches regularly, and some of them are contributed to by student associations as well.
Concerts with more modern music often take place at the Tollhaus, Substage or Jubez. The first two are located on the area of the old Butchery (alter Schlachthof) in the eastern part of Karlsruhe. They are quite big venues with big stages. The Jubez is a smaller club located close to the Kronenplatz.
Not to forget: “Das Fest” is a fixed institution in Karlsruhe by now. For 5 Euros a day you get access to lots of bands for three days in a row. The tickets are sold out quickly!!
A little bit smaller, but no less a favorite among KIT students is the AStA-Unifest, which is on campus and several bands are playing every year as well.


Karlsruhe is home to a number of big and small art galleries. To mention a few:
  • Staatliche Kunsthalle (Hans Thomastr. 2 - 6) (state art exhibition hall)
  • Badisches Landesmuseum (in the castle in Karlsruhe) (state museum)
  • ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Lorenzstr. 19 (center for art and media technology)
  • Museum beim Markt, Karl-Friedrich-Str.6 (part of the state museum)
  • Naturkundemuseum, Erbprinzenstr. 13 (natural history museum)

Cinema / Movies

If you don't necessarily feel like going for a run but would much rather spend a comfortable night at the movie theater, here are the most popular choices:
  • Filmpalast am ZKM (Brauerstr. 40) - it's the biggest movie theater in Karlsruhe. Tuesdays is movie day (cheaper tickets) and on Mondays a Sneak Preview.
  • Akademischer Filmkreis e.V.: campus group that shows movies on campus.
  • Schauburg (Marienstr. 16): Mondays Sneak Preview with prosecco and Brezel, nice old theater.
  • and many more

If you like THE German go to crime TV series “Tatort”: you can often watch that at the “Kurbel” in the city center.


Karlsruhe is home to the “Badisches Staatstheater”. It is the biggest Theater in Karlsruhe. If you show your student ID you usually get a 50% discount. Additionally there is a few smaller theaters with a good repertoire. That includes the Sandkorntheater ( Kaiserallee 11) and D’badisch Buehn (Durmersheimerstr. 6). If you’re in the mood to act yourself, you may want to join the UniTheater.


Have you ever been to a poetry slam? Never heard of it and lyric poetry is not your thing at all? You missed out! Karlsruhe has a very active poetry slam scene. At these events, students perform and recite their own texts, which are sometimes plain funny and sometimes dead serious and thought provoking. In the end, the audience decides which text was the best one. Science slams work in a similar manner. Students and scientists try to explain difficult subject matter from their field of research in an interesting fashion and the audience decides who did it best.  

Parties and Bars

Your nightlife won’t fall short in Karlsruhe! A relaxed game of pool or table football at the Carambolage or dressing up and going to the App club. Karlsruhe has it all. Even if you’re into Apres-Ski you will be satisfied by what the Agostea has to offer on one of their floors. If you’re stuck in the 90s, join the once-a-month event of 90s parties at the Substage.
Karlsruhe has a lot of bars. Fancy cocktails at Aposto or Besitos, rolling the dices to figure out what you pay at the Enchiladas on Mondays or just a plain old beer at the Oxford or the Marktluecke, there is something to be found for everyone.
Pro tip:
Get a “Kneipenquartett” with your discount voucher from your students backpack. It’s a game of cards that has information about a lot of bars and also a voucher for a free drink for all of them!


University sports

The KIT itself offers a lot of different kinds of activities for all levels of dedication. Get yourself a Hochschulsportprogramm at the beginning of the semester! It lists everything that awaits you in the coming couple of months. There’s bound to be something in there for everyone. Before you can begin you have to pay a base fee of 10 Euros though.
There is also a pool, sauna and fitness area at the university. Mind the opening hours, they can be frustrating if you are not a member of one of the teams.
As a mind teaser an extract from what the KIT offers: canoeing, trampolining, soccer, handball, waterpolo, hockey and many more.

Fitness, running, swimming...

Obviously there is also a lot to do apart from what the KIT itself offers. There is numerous fitness studios with a differing variety of courses and classes. There is a lot of sport clubs that are dedicated to different kinds of sports and there is a lot of good tracks to run or cycle on your own. There is also a lot of other pools in Karlsruhe: Tullabad, Faecherbad, Stadtbad Durlach and the most well-known one: Europabad. The latter offers a big fun area with wild water slides and a freefall slide.
In the summer months loads of students spend their free time at one of the excavated lakes around Karlsruhe. To mention a few: Epplesee, Weingartensee, Stutensee… all of which are more or less easily accessible by bike and or train.

Lasertag & Bowling

If nothing mentioned before satisfies your need for getting active or competitive maybe you are in the mood for lasertag or bowling. Places like Lago Bowling or Laserbase are also part of the program in the orientation days, if you are interested!


If you need some balm for the soul, you can always relax in the palace gardens next to the university campus, it can get quite crowded though. It’s the perfect place to hang out after or in between, and sometimes during lectures.
Having an outdoor barbecue to go with that is possible in the Guenther-Klotz-Anlage in the Weststadt. This is a giant park with big meadows trees and lakes that invites you to hang out or have a match of soccer or beachvolleyball.