Language Courses

If you have the time and want to study a language while studying at the KIT, the Sprachenzentrum (language center) is the place to go. They offer a wide range of languages and levels to choose from. Also, the courses vary from the amount of weekly lessons. For information on individual courses, visit the website listed below. Each class consists of 5 to 24 students with one teacher.
Every student at KIT has the possibility of receiving one language course free of charge each semester. The enrolling for language courses starts on a specific day at a specific time that is announced during the orientation phase (most likely on one of the first days). Most courses are highly in demand and the spots on the course roster are limited. Therefore, if you want a specific course, you should hurry to enroll.
If you want to enroll in an English class, you first have to take an evaluation of your English level on the ILIAS platform. The result will assign you to a certain course level. For any other language you don't need an evaluation before enrolling.
Next to your standard language classes, the Sprachenzentrum also offers courses to a specific topic. Examples are the English Engineering class or the French for Business and Marketing class. Such language classes are definitely worthwhile as you need key qualifications for certain degrees (e.g. chemical engineering and bioengineering) anyway, for which you can use the ECTS-points (credits).
Students who want to take German classes while attending the KIT can get more information here.

For more information visit:
  • Sprachenzentrum (parts of the page are translated into English, the rest is only available in German)