Getting Started

Are you overwhelmed with information or are you afraid of missing something important? We collected the most important things you should do at the beginning of your studies at KIT.

Registration at the library

Your KIT-Card is also your library card. With your KIT-Card you have access to the library 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you want to use the library’s services, you must register. Just contact library staff during regular opening hours.
For more information about the library you should visit their website.


The canteen is next to the library. Here again you need your KIT-Card because it can also be used as a debit card in the canteen. There are terminals near the counters 1 and 2 where you can top up your KIT-Card. This is absolutely necessary in most lines, since cash payments are not accepted.
Tip 1: There are several Apps available, which display the daily meal plan.
Tip 2: You can subscribe to the “Auto-Load” service, which will top up your KIT-Card automatically whenever your credit undercuts a certain amount of money. For further information contact the “Studentenwerk".

Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC) and Printing

When matriculating at KIT you get an account for the SCC services. The username starts with “u”. Using this account you can work in the SCC-Pools (rooms with many PC’s) and print files from anywhere on the campus or at home. You also need this account to register for exams.

SCC also provides a printing service which is very useful at the beginning of the lectures as you may be asked to print some of the scripts.

For further information about the SCC services see SCC website.

Distribution list and Facebook

Important: Please consider subscribing to the e-mail distribution lists, as we use them to share important information. As a mechanical engineering student you should subscribe MACH2017-L, materials scientists should join MATWERK2017-L, for Chemical Engineers / Process Engineers CIW2017-L is the right choice, and bioengineers should subscribe BIW2017-L.
All our mailing lists, also for MSc programmes, are listed on this website (German only):
You can also like us on facebook where we publish information about events on the campus.


On the “Studierendenportal” you can register for exams and print vouchers – for example the “KVV-Bescheinigung” which you will need for some events during orientation weeks. You can also find a list of lectures and a campus plan. On the “Studierendenportal” you can also manage your account.
The “Studierendenportal” can be reached via: (Unfortunately it’s only in German)


The KVV provides public transport in Karlsruhe and its environs. Its network reaches from Bühl in the south to Landau in the north. If you own a “Semesterticket” you can use trains and busses around the clock. The “Semesterticket” costs 151.10 € (Effective 1st of September 2017) and is valid for 6 months. To buy a “Semesterticket” you just need the KVV voucher mentioned above and visit a KVV counter. The nearest counter is located at Marktplatz near the pyramid.
But you don’t need a “Semesterticket” to use public transport in Karlsruhe for free. The KVV voucher authorizes to travel for free on weekdays from 18.00 pm to 5.00 am, but only in connection with your KIT-Card. On weekends KIT-students can use the public transport for free during all hours of the day.


Along with KIT backpacks you will get a voucher for cultural establishments. To use it, you have to convert the voucher at the Studentenwerk inside the Mensa building (the position is marked in the map with "Kulturscheckheft") . The vouchers are valid for one year.
Map for vouchers
Quelle: KIT Campusplan